CountWithMe: Redefining Suicide Prevention. Your Lifeline to Hope! 💙


Explore new horizons in suicide prevention with this revolutionary app. Offering AI chat-based solutions and heartfelt compassion, your opportunity to redefine hope is here!

Big news! Our AI chat is gearing up to provide meaningful solutions for those facing tough times. Stay tuned for the upcoming update, where support and understanding are just a message away. :rocket: #CountWithMe #ComingSoon

Streamlit web app
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Saving lives, one click at a time! :blue_heart:


Your app is a lifeline for those in need. Thank you!


A virtual hug for creating a space of support. :hugs:


Bringing light to darkness. Amazing work!


Your app spreads love and saves lives!:heart:


Great idea - where’s the data from?


very meaningful project


In a world full of apps, yours Is a true lifesaver! :rocket:


Preventing pain, one connection at a Time. :rainbow:


Great application @nelvin-mp . Here is the big I have noticed that when im giving the irrelevant image in the face detection it’s performing the detection. So, I have reviewed your GitHub face detection code. I have noticed something that you are reading the user image using some cv2 functions and pass that to haar cascade classifier. Instead of direct passing, convert the image to gray scale and then pass it to that function. This procedure helps you to solve the above mentioned issue 90 percentage.


Happy Streamlit-ing :balloon:


Thanks for asking, @RoboCop . Currently, I’m managing the data using a Python list variable.
In the next version, I plan to securely store user interactions in a database, ensuring utmost privacy and sensitivity, especially considering the nature of our suicide prevention web app.

The web application is currently in the testing phase, and the functionality we are developing is not yet complete. We are working on implementing DeepFace to analyze emotions through users’ facial features, not only for those experiencing suicidal thoughts or stress but also for any user in need of assistance from a mental health professional. Once this feature is operational, the AI Chat system will provide suggestions and activities to enhance users’ emotional and psychological well-being.

Moreover, AI Chat will offer the capability for users to engage in anonymous conversations with expert professionals, ensuring confidentiality in interactions and providing more personalized support in mental health matters.
Thank you for the suggestion :heart:

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I realize I will probably seem like the biggest jerk with this post, but I looked at the app and at the sweet comments, and the more I looked the more fishy/fake it all seemed to be. I am confident that I am not the only one who has noticed that something is not right here, but I am afraid that nobody will say anything about it for fear of seeming like a jerk.

So I will.

The sweet comments are not genuine independent people giving their honest feelings about the app. They are the OP or people closely affiliated with the OP who made the accounts in order to garner as many likes as possible (probably to win the Streamlit challenge and get promoted further).

Most accounts giving likes are fake as well. This one link provides evidence beyond much doubt.

To explain: this is the first “sweet commenter”. Their name on the profile (Nwlvin) is a giveaway that this is the OP. Many of the accounts that are listed as having liked the “sweet commenter”'s post also sport the name of the OP, 2+ others are from “Marjorie”, and I didn’t investigate the rest closely because I got the picture.

The fact the topic of suicide has been chosen makes this particularly appalling. I won’t even comment on the content of the app… But anybody who has a serious understanding or experience with suicide will know what I think of it.

Thank you @ReasonMeThis for expressing your concerns about my Streamlit post. :hugs:

I shared my project on social networks for a broader audience and valuable feedback, not to create a misleading environment. The positive comments and likes are from users expressing their support, despite any naming similarities, which are coincidental. The individuals involved are real, independent users.

Regarding sensitive topics like suicide, I approach discussions thoughtfully and responsibly, prioritizing the well-being and sensitivity of our users. :blue_heart:

Ok, the OP is now claiming that the following naming similarities are coincidental:
OP = nelvin-mp = Nelvin A. Marcos Palacios
First “sweet commenter” = Shump (Nwlvin)
Account who liked Shump’s post = Nelvin_Amiel_Marcos3
Another “liker” = Nelvin_Marcos
Another “liker” = NELVIN_AMIEL_MA…

Please see the screenshots I posted above or click on Shump’s profile to verify this information.

Note also that this does not exhaust the full evidence of deception by the OP.

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