Create a Knowledge Base using Streamlit and Amazon OpenSearch

Recently I created a Knowledge Base app using Amazon Opensearch and Streamlit to consolidate my collection of work documents, excel sheets, txt notes, and Notion pages. Lack of a searchable knowledge base made it extremely difficult to find something fast that is also useful. :rocket:

At my current workplace, we maintain a huge collection of issue resolution steps, RCA notes, CR documents, onboarding powerpoints, and other important documents using various methods. Usually, these documents are scattered across multiple people, apps, platforms, and tools. We also cannot perform extensive search on this disparate collection of documents to find what we are looking for in the shortest possible time. :mag:

At times, we need to go through multiple people to find the right documents/steps and get permission from the right person to access them. So, instead of benefiting and improving upon others’ works, we start maintaining our own documents. :notebook:

I thought that my team might also benefit from this. So I deployed the knowledge base app over Nginx in our internal network.

A public version of the app is hosted here on the community cloud. Kindly take a look, interact, and let me know if you have any suggestions. Feel free to use the code for both the backend and frontend in your projects. :blush:


Thanks @aag for sharing your creation!

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