Create empty space to separate portions of the app

Is there any way to insert empty white space to separate plots? The only way I am able to do now is to insert st.text(" ") multiple times on difference lines. Is there a better way?

Hello @teyang-lau,

If you’re looking for a visual separator, you could do st.write("--"). Otherwise it’s going to be as you said. You can also use markdown titles to adjust the size of your separation: st.write("#"), st.write("##"), etc.

Thanks a lot @synode.

st.markdown('#') or st.markdown('##') etc works for me depending on how large I want the separator to be.

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We are also working on theme support, which will hopefully make this type of CSS manipulation much easier. Doesn’t help you this instant, but hopefully you’ll be able to remove these empty spacers in the near future.

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