Create mutiple forms dynamically keeping the original form as is

I want to create mutiple forms on the same webpage however all the mutiple forms should not be populated at one it should be populated based on user input in the first form. so the order will be based on input in first form populate second form, based on input in second form populate third form and so on. While all these is done want to keep all the previous form as is (although data will be saved in session as and when user submits each form but to user all the form should be displayed in the order it was shown to them along with their data.

Can someone please help with this. Thanks!

Hi @sandeep_bhragava , you can try this way:
a. Create your initial form and submit
b. Based on 1/more variable values in the 1st form, display the 2nd form for entry
c. Repeat step b as needed
d. You can even segment your forms using expanders.

Check out the Streamlit documentation on forms and expanders.


Thanks Shawn for your help figured a way out.