Creating a multipage app with multiple filesi


I just want to create a multipage app using the updated version - where I can put my pages on the /pages folder -, to showcase my projects. The point here is that I don’t want it to add them to the sidebar, but to use buttons inside the index page to access them. How could I do this?
I left an image example of what I don’t want (the sidebar showing all the pages).

Naomi Lago

STATUS: Solved :white_check_mark:

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Hi @naomilago ,

are you perhaps looking for tabs? st.tabs - Streamlit Docs

If not, can you clarify what you mean by

to use buttons inside the index page to access them


@naomilago If you don’t want to use something like st.tabs, one option would be:

  1. Hide the sidebar by setting ui.hideSidebarNav in .streamlit/config.toml
hideSidebarNav = true
  1. Use switch_page from streamlit-extras to make buttons which switch between pages.

I’m sorry for the late reply, folks. I get a little bit overflowed when weekend is near.
I took a look at your comment, @willhuang but it was not what I was looking for. I really found interesting and will surely use in future, though.

@blackary that’s exactly what I am aiming to do. You brought the solution, thank you so much <3