Creating a streamlit app for a twitter Hinglish bot

We built a streamlit web app Hinglish Twitter bot that outputs the sentiment of the tweet. (Along with @meghanabhange )
You can find the code at -

Would love to deploy it on streamlit, awaiting a streamlit invite, if you could please turn on the streamlit share access for us.
Do have a look and leave comments too, would love to hear from you
Cc: @andfanilo @Charly_Wargnier

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Hi @Radhika_Sethi,

Welcome to the Streamlit Community!! :tada::tada::partying_face:

I wanted to checkout your code, but the link brings me to a 404 page! Although, I think we found your app is it this one?

If it is, it looks pretty interesting! Can’t wait to see it as a share app. BTW if you have already signed up then your share invite should be coming soon. We have had a ton of requests, and are growing as quickly as possible! :grin:

Happy Streamlit-ing!