Creating column with input values

I want to create columns with input values is it possible?.or is there anything else i can do, i have input values , i want in columns.THANKS.

Hi @Abdul_Wahid, can you be more specific about what you are trying to do? A code snippet of what you’ve tried or a picture or something would be helpful.

Hello @Abdul_Wahid,

Are you expecting something like this?

import streamlit as st

c1, c2, c3 = st.beta_columns(3)

a = c1.text_input("First input")
b = c2.text_input("Second input")
c = c3.text_input("Third input")

st.write(a, b, c)

I used the widget st.beta_columns(). Here’s its documentation:

If that’s not what you want, let us know!