Creating the accounting project with Streamlit

I have an offline accounting application used in our accounting and tax office. It was written by me using BASIC language (LibreOffice BASIC).

Screenshot from 2022-12-18 16-27-13

We provide bookkeeping and taxation services to our customers. In our program, each of our customers has each Firebird database.

Can Streamlit be a way for making web application to replace our existing offline application ?

I really love Streamlit after following almost all of Streamlit tutorials in YouTube.

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Hi @nkcpp,

Thanks for sharing your question! Unfortunately, I think our community is going to have trouble answering this question without a bit more detail – what functionalities are you looking to implement with Streamlit?

I’d like to convert my offline accounting application to Streamlit. Is Streamlit good for making accounting web application?

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Hi @nkcpp !

Streamlit is a very versatile tool! Streamlit’s usability is determined by the features you wish to implement. You can look through the apps gallery, particularly the finance and business category, to see if Streamlit is the right tool for you :slight_smile:


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