Cropping time data using interactive plotly plot


Hi All,

I am trying to crop data using a plotly graph to select snippets and analyze. Having a lot of trouble getting any info from the selected regions of the graph. Any thoughts?

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:

fig1 = go.Figure()

    	line_color = 'blue',
    	name = 'boat speed'))

	# Retrieve selected data points
	selected_points =[0].selectedpoints

	if selected_points:
	    # Extract x values of selected points
	    selected_x_values = [[0].x[i] for i in selected_points]

	    # Compute the minimum and maximum x values
	    min_x = min(selected_x_values)
	    max_x = max(selected_x_values)

	    st.write("Selected x values:")
	    st.write("Minimum x value:")
	    st.write("Maximum x value:")
	    st.write("No points selected.")

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Indeed, there is no builtin way to get back data from plotly to your application. There is streamlit-plotly-events, but it has been unmaintained for more than two years. Give it a try anyway.

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