Crypto Strategy Platform and Community - Streamlit App (Need Feedback)

Hello Streamlit Community,

Currently, I’m developing my streamlit project about crypto. As a Data Science enthusiast with over 3 years of experience in Python development and machine learning, I wanted to try Streamlit and It’s wonderful framework and easiest one. I’m still wondering how can it so much powerful and tadaaa I created tafouAlgo :smile: . Here is some shortcut about my streamlit app:

:bar_chart: Introducing tafouAlgo: After 9 months of intensive research, I’m proud to unveil tafouAlgo. This new addition transforms tafou Live into a comprehensive platform offering meticulously crafted trading strategies. tafouAlgo stands out in the dynamic crypto market as a reliable and in-depth resource for traders at all levels. It’s not just a platform; it’s a community for learning and growth.

:mag: Advanced Trading Strategies, Now Accessible: tafouAlgo is committed to democratizing expert trading insights. We provide advanced, pre-designed strategies at no cost, incorporating powerful technical analysis tools like BoS, FVG, MMXM, and other unique features.

:handshake: Building a Community : Alongside tafouAlgo, we’re launching new features for community engagement, including easy login and sign-up processes.

I’m openmind about comments. It can be negative or positive doesn’t matter. I know with streamlit community we can build everything.

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Neat app. I like how you incorporated many of the features available in streamlit. Although it’s probably not a relevant feature needed for your app, have you considered adding newly updated data for your charts?

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There is button that fetching cryptocurrency fresh data from API.

Sorry, I think you misunderstood what I was asking. When I said adding newly updated data, I should have phrased the question as having a feature that automatically updates the chart with live data similar to the example from the link I provided.

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You mean the Live feature. Now I checked it link. In next updates will implement this feature. Currently using tradingview lightweight charts from @freyastreamlit which applying live data can be complex at lightweight charts.

I will have to keep this one bookmarked, I have been using plotly for my apps. Thank you for providing this link!


I can understand you because my first web app was plotly dash app. Every 4 second I was able to refresh data and with animations it be working fine but it has limitations… For this reason I just switched everything to streamlit and started using lightweight-charts. If you need further more help or anything you can mail me or add me from linkedin.

Thank you for your time and feedback. It’s precious for me :gem:

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