Ctr+enter not working?

Hi, I am using a text_area and when I press ctrl+enter after typing, I am not getting the result. However, when I click outside the text area box, I see the “RUNNING” message followed by the result.

import streamlit as st
x = st.text_area(‘Your text here’)
st.write("Result: ", x)


Welcome to Streamlit and thank you for posting in our community!

I suspect that this has something to do with your browser because I tried running your code and I was unable to reproduce the behavior you’re describing.

I have submitted an issue on your behalf. To help us fix this for you, could you please add a comment to that issue with the requested information?

In the future, please feel free to submit a bug directly to Github.

Thanks for using Streamlit!

I am also facing the same issue.

Hi @Rohit_Patil! Thanks for letting us know

We’re having trouble reproducing this issue, so can you tell us a few things about your setup?

  1. What OS are you on?
  2. If Mac:
  • Can you try both Ctrl-Enter and Cmd-Enter?
  • Do you use a Mac keyboard?
  1. Do you have custom keyboard mappings?

I am also having the same issue. The browser is Google Chrome on Windows 10.

No custom keyboard mappings. I don’t use a Mac keyboard.

same issue here on windows10 with chrome.
try as many as possible combinations with Enter and other keys.

Hi all,

I wonder if there’s something else in the OS that registered the Ctrl+Enter key, causing it to take precedence over Chrome and Streamlit. To test this hyphothesis, can you try the following steps?

  1. Go into this jsfiddle
  2. Click on the white area in the bottom right
  3. Press Ctrl+Enter
  4. Post here what you see


I get this:
Ctrl=true, Key=