Currency App with daily updated data (53 currencies)

You can view historical currency data. The dataset is updated daily via GitHub actions.

You can check the real-time currency rates (per USD).

You can do forecast prediction using fbprophet.

I will add more features and make it more configurable over time.

Here you can see the data:

Hey very cool! I can’t see the app but am looking for examples of real time apps, there aren’t many which is odd because it is called Streamlit… anyway. I am struggling just getting an altair chart to update, there are no examples! Crazy stuff. Could you share? Thanks.

Hello, I do not have experience with real time applications using streamlit.

Please check the link below. I hope it is helpful.

Great app. Which version of facebook prophpet did you use?

My app deployment always fails on heroku because something is wrong with the fbprophet module and pystan version.

Hello, thanks! I remember having an issue with prophet. After some search, I saw that I needed a specific version of pystan and prophet for it to work. Here is how my requirements.txt file look like.


Hope it helps :relaxed:

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Yes, this solved my problem.

If anyone runs into the same problem just add pystan== and fbprophet==0.7.1 like emre mentioned into your requirements.txt file on github.