Currently Im working on ML project and using streamlit with pickle

Script execution error
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘’
And Im getting this error when run this py file and giving inputs.
and there are no errors in the py file as well.

@arun22 What command are you using to run the file?

Streamlit run
This was the command I used to run that file

The web app is opening while running the file but when giving the input in the fields Im getting this error. The following is the github link for the ML code and streamlit py file : GitHub - aruns56/Airline-Passenger-Review-with-Voting-Classifier

@arun22 You are changing the directory. Is this the same directory where the script is present?


No ,Pickle is stored in that location and the script file is in different location

@gaganmanku96 Now it is working .I stored the pickle file in the same location as script file. Thankyou @gaganmanku96 :smiling_face:

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