Custom App URL Won't Save

I have an app that had a custom URL and then wouldn’t load, so I had to delete the app and re-launch it. Now whenever I try to put in a custom URL in the settings, I can’t save it. The behavior is very weird: once I first enter the URL the Save button is greyed out, then if I add a space at the end it tells me I can’t do that (which makes sense) and then if I remove the space it tells me my name is available and the Save button goes live - but when I hit Save, nothing happens. I know nothing is happening since I then try to close out of settings and it asks me if I want to discard changes.

Does anyone have any advice or know what’s going on here?

Can you share the custom URL you’re trying to use? There are certain words/phrases that aren’t allowed (e.g. “streamlit”)

I’m trying portopt (

For what it’s worth, I was trying again today and it seems like anything I put in has the same issue

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