Custom Component with client side Python code using Pyodide

It is apparently possible to compile python code to web-assembly using pyodide.
I thought that this could possibly used to build streamlit components using python for both server and client side code.

I came across this post here: Run Python Code in React with Pyodide | by Brady Lambert | Python in Plain English
which is about building a React component using pyodide.
Has anybody tried yet to use this for streamlit components?

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Would be great if someone comes up with a solution like this as personally i am facing a challenge in deploying my app in my organization.

Oooh, I’m glad this conversation is getting started. Great benefits for beginner learners: no install, no required logins, minimal network requirements to download.

Do you have any usecases in mind for getting the client side python into the server side?

Anyway, here’s a notebook I made a bit ago when prepping to handle wild interview answers.
And here’s an option to embed it (or other notebook) in a streamlit app (in an iframe)

Other pyodide powered projects (I think futurecoder is awesome as well)