Custom domain for Streamlit Sharing

Maybe I missed this but I couldn’t find anything: Is it possible to use a custom domain name for Streamlit Sharing? This would be absolutely vital for me to deploy my Traingenerator app on Sharing.


This is on our roadmap @jrieke. One thing I believe I have seen doing right now are people iframing their Sharing app into essentially a blank page on their domain.


Intersting, do you have an example at hand?

Hi @jrieke and @chris_klose , here is how I iframed my App: Periodic Table demo

I use the fast Gatsby-framework, but you can do this anywhere:

<iframe src='' height="1000" width="100%"></iframe>


An extension of previous answers, an option I am using, if Streamlit Sharing from Github (& just own a domain and not hosting):

  1. Turn on Github Pages for repo
  2. Put file index.html in root of your repo:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    	<title>Your app name</title>
    	<style type="text/css">
    		html {
    			overflow: auto;
    		iframe {
    			margin: 0px;
    			padding: 0px;
    			height: 100%;
    			border: none;
    		iframe {
    			display: block;
    			width: 100%;
    			border: none;
    			overflow-y: auto;
    			overflow-x: hidden;
    	<iframe src="<your streamlit app url>"
  1. Set custom domain for GitHub Pages

Takes a while for the index.html file to load. Don’t be put off if you get the 404 error. Just be patient.

Thanks for this solution!

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Does this still work? I can’t use it and I think that streamlit does not allow iframe-ing it anymore. Can you please confirm whether this solution is still working? Thanks!

Hi @randyzwitch , I think the custom domain feature can attract more new users to use the app, any update on this? thanks! :blush:


This works, but unfortunately the page isn’t responsive, so it doesn’t look good on mobile devices. Is there any way to fix that?

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any update on custom domain names for Cloud apps? this is a must have.

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No News from this post yet?

Quick update (kinda strange to answer on my own post lol): We are working on subdomains per app right now (see here in our roadmap app), which will be a precursor for completely custom domains!

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Hey !! Thanks for the roadmap! But on the meantime I saw that you added a name to your streamlit page, how did you achieve this? Can you share it with us please? thanks in advance!

Hi @Jon_Robinson I tried this solutions and the redirect worked without any problem, but the login did not work this is the url of my app, I am using streamlit cloud with Github Pages and Custom DNS.

I got a 403 error code.