Streamlit app hosted on custom domain through GitHub pages not working consistently

I have an issue with hosting streamlit apps as iframes on custom domain through Github pages. Sometimes browsers who disabled iframes will not be able to view the website. Sometimes, computers running on closed WiFi (school/office) cannot open the website.

If it is links it will open up fine. Only when it is iframed within a custom domain when there is a problem. Is there a way to fix this while keeping the customized URL?

In both of these cases, I’m not sure there is a solution. If the browser disables iframes, then that is a local setting. Computers on restricted wifi may be using filtering software or have an allow-list; in this case, again, there’s nothing that’s possible to solve this from Streamlit.


Well, if it is just the link the app would work fine. It is only when I’m trying to use a custom domain with the iframe setup that causes problems. I guess the question I’m going for is: Is there a way for me to give my streamlit app a custom domain without using the iframe method?

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Hi. There is an old topic about custom domain. The recents updates from this topic says that:

We are working on subdomains per app right now (see here in our roadmap app), which will be a precursor for completely custom domains!

So, for this moment, there is not much options that don’t use iframe. For the main question, I don’t think there is much options, it seems to be a client side configuration/network that blocks iframe in both cases.

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