Custom hamburger menu with only screencast

How I can hide all elements of hamburger menu except screencast?

  1. Local app
  2. Streamlit 1.31 and Python 3.11

Hi @alma,

Thanks for sharing this question!

You can configure what options are displayed in the hamburger menu by changing the toolbarMode setting in your config.toml file (check out our doc here). It sounds like the minimal might be closest to what you’re looking for.

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I saw this article.
but what should be written?


            'Record a screencast': 'Record a screencast'
        }  )

StreamlitAPIException : We only accept the keys: “Get help”, “Report a bug”, and “About” (“record a screencast” is not a valid key.)

You can add a config.toml file to your Streamlit app (it should be stored in a folder called .streamlit) and then you can add the following to your config.toml file:


# Change the visibility of items in the toolbar, options menu,
# and settings dialog (top right of the app).
# Allowed values:
# * "auto"      : Show the developer options if the app is accessed through
#                 localhost or through Streamlit Community Cloud as a developer.
#                 Hide them otherwise.
# * "developer" : Show the developer options.
# * "viewer"    : Hide the developer options.
# * "minimal"   : Show only options set externally (e.g. through
#                 Streamlit Community Cloud) or through st.set_page_config.
#                 If there are no options left, hide the menu.
# Default: "auto"
toolbarMode = "minimal"

but I need also screencast

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s an option to only display the screencast option, but the “viewer” option should hide all the developer options (and screencast isn’t a developer option).