Custom Streamlit "Centered" Widths?


At present, it seems as though it is only possible to select between “wide” (full width of the window) and “centered” (preset width, at ~730 px according to the streamlit soure code) widths. I tried looking through the source code to see if it is customisable some other way, but it seems to be written using protobuf, which I don’t understand. Is there some other workaround (aside from the one deprecated somewhere around 1.5.0, where users edit a .reportview-container .main .block-container?), or perhaps an option to the st.set_page_config() function could be added?

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:


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No ability to change preset width created with the layout=“centered” parameter here.

Debug info

  • Streamlit version: 1.14.0 (but this seems to have been a problem since 1.5.0)
  • Python version: 3.10.6
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Hey @code49,

Thanks for sharing your question! As far I’m aware, there isn’t a built-in way to adjust this currently. This would make a great feature enhancement request – feel free to submit one here :balloon: