Custom them in streamlit share

Hello everyone,
I deployed my first app using streamlit share and github. However, I’m not sure how I can modify the theme for the app. Indeed locally you can modify the config.toml file, but in streamlit share you can only add secrets to the app and adding a custom theme such as the following doesn’t change anything. I was wondering if there was a way to do this or if it was an upcoming feature.


create a .streamlit folder in your repo and add the config.toml with your theme into that folder.

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Hello I tried that but it doesn’t seem to be working nor to be doing anything at all! Has it worked for you ?

Yes, it works for me. Try to take out the base=“light” section and try it again.

Thank you for your help! However even whe removing the base=“light” section it’s still not using the config.toml specified theme. No clue why