Cv2 package error

Hi @ArunRengaraman, welcome to the Streamlit community! Are you trying to deploy this on Streamlit sharing or another platform?

Yes sir… trying to deploy in streamlit sharing

In that case, please see this answer:


Sir… now I have added packages.txt, but I am getting this error

This is my git repo…

You have Pillow listed twice, 8.0.1 and 8.1.0 in your requirements.txt file, which cannot simultaneously be true.

Now getting a different error

It looks like there is a conflict where pip can’t find a proper version of scipy that fits what’s in the requirements.txt file, so it’s trying to compile from source and failing. I would suggest going through your requirements.txt file and limiting to the exact dependencies you need. It’s unlikely you need both tensorflow and keras, a specific version of joblib, etc.


Finally it got deployed sir… but there is an issue in accessing the saved model from git for prediction .

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