Does Streamlit have an equivalent of Daterangeslider — Panel 0.11.3 documentation?

The slider object supports date. From the documentation:

from datetime import datetime
import streamlit as st 

start_time = st.slider(
    "When do you start?",
     value=datetime(2020, 1, 1, 9, 30), 
     format="MM/DD/YY -hh:mm"

Sure, but that’s a single date slider, rather than the daterange slider I’m after…

Fair point, I missed that. Perhaps this discussion might shed some light on current status

Hi @cjw296,

As the documentation states:

value ( a supported type or a tuple/list of supported types or None ) – The value of the slider when it first renders. If a tuple/list of two values is passed here, then a range slider with those lower and upper bounds is rendered. For example, if set to (1, 10) the slider will have a selectable range between 1 and 10. Defaults to min_value.

So simply pass a tuple with 2 datetime values in the value argument, and a range slider will be rendered. The widget will return a tuple with upper and lower bound of the selected range.

Hope this helps!

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Here the example:

cols1, _ = st.beta_columns((1,2))
slider = cols1.slider('Select date', min_value=start_date, value=(start_date, end_date), max_value=end_date, format=format)