Deal with large Plotly Graph with streamlit


I would like to find the best way to display large plotly graph with streamlit.

I have a timeline graph with a lot of informations which can go from 2 days to 150 days. I have a dticks of 12h for each by default and do not want to change it for now. My graph is inside a container
When i display in streamlit using use_container_width = True, i have a graph taking the width of my screen but it is still to small to be able to read the informations when the timeline is above 15 days.

  • The best would be to have an horizontal scroll bar on my graph which width could be 4000px for example. Thus the dtick can be visually remain the same size on my screen and all the informations perfectly readable.

  • if not possible the second way could be to zoom in my plotly graph, but i would like the Y axes to automatically adjust. I have found a solution on dash with callback functions, but with streamlit the only callback found is streamlit-plotly-events which only display points informations.
    Is there a way to do automatically adjust the ?

Edit : for the example, let’s take the one at this link example on stackoverflow

I have a scroll bar with plotly but i would like that visually the space between two points remain the same if i have 10 points or thousands. For that I could define the range at the begining in my update_layout(range=[min(Dates),max(Dates)] so I that i have every time the same visually space between two points

So basically the first point is done :), now I would like the get either the actual range selected on plotly. for that is there any callback function?


Thanks for your help

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