Deckgl LineLayer Example

I’m loving streamlit so far, but have a quick question about using encodings from my dataframe to create a LineLayer in the deckgl chart. If you have an example, that would be helpful.

Here is my current code, but I’m only getting the lat/lon fields from my dataframe to show up and the target position always appears to be (0,0).

        "mapStyle": "mapbox://styles/mapbox/light-v9",
        "mapboxApiAccessToken": '<token>',
        "latitude": midpoint[0],
        "longitude": midpoint[1],
        "zoom": 2,
        "pitch": 50
            "type": "LineLayer",
            "data": tracks,
            "encoding": {"getLatitude": "lat",
                         "getLongitude": "lon",
                         "getTargetLatitude": "to_lat",
                         "getTargetLongitude": "to_lon",

Nevermind! I don’t think I need to use Encoding, I can just use the following.

        "type": "LineLayer",
        "data": tracks,
        "getLatitude": "lat",
        "getLongitude": "lon",
        "getTargetLatitude": "to_lat",
        "getTargetLongitude": "to_lon"

Awesome, glad you figured it out!

Admittedly, our DeckGL API is not the easiest to use. The problem is that we are trying to convert a JavaScript API that accepts functions as input to a Python API that revolves around dataframes and cannot accept functions. So we had to make some compromises there. I’m hoping we’ll soon be able to remove those, when switch to using DeckGL’s JSONConverter.