Deeplinks for specific tab/pages

I have been looking for a way to send a user to a given tab/page of the app by providing them a custom url, just like a deeplink.

I saw this discussion but as far as I understand it would only keep in memory text
or checkbox status. Deep Links In Streamlit?

I also tried using anchor link but without sucess.

Any lead or help would be very much appreciated!

Here is what I use

Most essential lines are

   query_params = st.experimental_get_query_params() # reading  the choice from the URL..

    choice = int(query_params["choice"][0]) if "choice" in query_params else 0 # .. and make it the default value

Kind regards
Rene Smit

Hi @rcsmit @ssap, I use a similar module loading technique as @rcsmit. Logic works fine to load/select different code modules. But there are 2 issues. (1) Page reloads each time, so flickers a lot. (2) Each page is a new instance, so session variables don’t work. I’m look into new MultiPage (don’t like the sidebar page list), or Tabs (for fast reload). If you have better luck, please share.

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