Deleting rows in st.data_editor progmatically


Inspired by the st.data_editor tutorial I wanted to delete programatically.

My goal is to delete the row if the row is checked.



So it works as intended, you just don’t have to press the delete button. (I am trying to make a notification box, so we can easily dismiss the notifications)

tl. dr.: if you check the row, the row gets deleted dynamically the same as we would be deleting with the “delete” button

Hi @Dewliak,

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Here’s one way to do it. Rather than using the default row picker, this adds an extra column called “x”, and if it is checked, it updates the dataframe (which is stored in session state)


This works well, thank you very much!

Keep up the good work, loving Streamlit

My apologies, I will keep that in mind in the future.

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