DeltaPi - Prompt your data (CSV, EXCEL, PDF, TXT, PY)

Hey everyone!

Introducing DeltaPi, the coolest app to manage your data and create stunning charts in a breeze! Whether you have CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, or PDF and TXT documents, DeltaPi offers a mind-blowing experience!

But wait, there’s more! DeltaPi has also an awesome functionality called DeltaPy, allowing you to create Python apps right from a magical prompt. Trust me, it’s powerful!

Here’s the trick: DeltaPi leverages the incredible OpenAI APIs (ChatGPT) to provide intelligent answers and assist you with its advanced language model. And the best part? Signing up is a breeze, just a simple email is all it takes, no hassle with verifications! But if you happen to have an OpenAI API key, you can directly use it to unlock even more amazing features!

Let’s embark on this adventure together! Watch the video and dive into the incredible world of DeltaPi!

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