Density heatmap using Plotly appears different using versus st.plotly_chart in Streamlit

Hello, I’m trying to use Plotly to plot a px.density_heatmap graph and, when doing so, the marker text appears to be disappearing when I display it using Streamlit. The marker text is present, however, if I use the standard Plotly This seems like a bug to me but I thought that I would ask the community to see if anyone else has experienced this and possibly found a workaround. Here is a code snippet of what I’m trying to do:

 fig = px.density_heatmap(df, x="pass_end_location_y", y="pass_end_location_x", text_auto=True, nbinsx=7, color_continuous_scale='turbid_r', width=686, height=889) ```

Attached are two images showing how and st.plotly_chart(fig)
![newplot (76)|237x500](upload://kLv5l2eU1gm0DpVIuCQ5d8jFssT.png)
![Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 5.54.51 PM|332x500](upload://3h65o1unS3MYrhLWTqm20XuBENr.png)