Denying access to my app

My app is deployed on the community cloud.

Among with all my other apps it gives me : “You do not have access to this app or it does not exist” error all of a sudden.

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Ya all the apps are not working somehow.

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yep, same issue with my app.

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I have the same issue with my different apps. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

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Same for me.

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Hi everyone,

Streamlit Community Cloud is currently experiencing unexpected downtime. This means that you may see an error page when trying to access your app.

Our team is actively working on a fix for this issue. We’ll post updates in this thread as we learn more and you can also track updates on our status page here.

We know that unexpected downtime is super frustrating and we promise we’re working as quickly as possible to get your apps back online.

We really appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue :pray:


Again apps are down it seems.

The same! Any news?

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Hi @johnsavephd and @Soumya_Boral,

We haven’t experienced any unexpected downtime since this issue was resolved. Can you please share links to any apps that are down for you so I can share with our engineering team?

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