Deploy streamline on RSConnect

It is running great on my local machine.

And it was successfully uploaded to RSConnect Server, however, it throws the following error when trying to start the app.
“ImportError: cannot import name ‘bootstrap’ from ‘streamlit’”

2022/09/28 15:02:59.540981519 arguments: /opt/python/3.8.10/bin/python3.8 /opt/rstudio-connect/python/
2022/09/28 15:02:59.541017491 
2022/09/28 15:03:00.923970224 Traceback (most recent call last):
2022/09/28 15:03:00.924008243   File "/opt/rstudio-connect/python/", line 89, in <module>
2022/09/28 15:03:00.924103538     from streamlit import bootstrap, config
2022/09/28 15:03:00.924106136 ImportError: cannot import name 'bootstrap' from 'streamlit' (/opt/rstudio-connect/mnt/app/python/env/lib/python3.8/site-packages/streamlit/

is it a python issue or?

streamlit ver. 1.13.0

Thank you very much! It seems it is one last step toward success, I was trouble upload on RSConnect for months TAT


Hi how was this resolved?

Same issue. Only works up to v1.11 for me.

We are running into the same issue. I will report back here if we find a resolution.

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Anyone resolve this issue? Experiencing the same thing with any Streamlit version past v1.11

Hi all–I’m a Solutions Engineer at Posit. We make Connect. If you’re having trouble deploying your Streamlit applications to Connect, you should consider:

This error was resolved in the 2022.08 release of Connect, so if it’s still affecting you, you should reach out to your admins.