Deploy streamlit app with nodjs npms


my streamlit app contains some nodejs modules like vega-lite vega-cli canvas.
Usually I install them via npm install during the setup (npm install …). How to deploy this on streamlit-sharing?

A requirement.txt would not be sufficient. I don’t host these files via github since they are coming from
external and are dynamically changing modules.

How to achieve that?

Hi @Jschaef, welcome to the Streamlit community!

I have to say, I don’t believe we’ve planned for that use case. Do you have a public repo that I can share with our product managers, so they can understand what your app looks like?


Hi Randy,

sorry for the late response. My repo is: GitHub - jschaef/sar_file_analyzer: graphical analyzis of sar files.
I just thought this would be easy to achieve and I have just missed how to do it.
But now I learn that this use case was not planned/implemented.

Thanks for your support and for this awesome frame work,

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