Deploying app for dummies

Is there a “deploying apps for dummies” page somewhere? I’m totally new at this and I can’t get the dependencies to work. First I tried using pip which made a complete list of packages and versions and many of those failed, so then I made my own simple environment.yml file with only the basics and the install got further but then failed again and this time I can’t figure out why. Anyway, nothing works and I have no idea how to fix it. My app is really simple (I think), so don’t see why this should be so hard. (The repository is lanierb/cdacalc if anyone wants to have a look.) So is there a simple page somewhere that is readable by newbies? Thanks!

I would recommend you use docker to deploy your app, here’s a great example of how to do it

Hi @lanierb,

Can you share the error message you’re seeing? This is our getting started doc for Streamlit Cloud

Hi, Thanks for the responses. I’ve read both of those pages. Actually the docker page was helpful though I still want to try to use streamlit cloud. I’m at a point now where I don’t get any error messages but it just sits there forever saying “Your app is in the oven.” The most recent version has been in the oven for an hour so I’m guessing something is wrong. There was a topic earlier saying it does that if streamlit is in your requirements so I removed that but it didn’t help.

Nevermind. I just rebooted the whole thing and it is now working! Guessing something I did earlier messed it up. Thanks for the help.