Deploying App in Another Hosting Service

I’m thinking about moving from hosting web apps with streamlit cloud to using another hosting service (still with streamlit) and was wondering if anyone who has done this before would be willing to talk. I’d like to better understand the trade-offs in security, ease of use for the app user, ease of use for development and differences in the backend such as optionality in processing power/costs/etc, as well as anything else that is meaningfully different.

If anyone is willing to share, feel free to reply here or message me and we can set something up for a quick zoom (or teams, hangout, etc).

Hey @msquaredds,

I noticed you didn’t get any responses on this thread – just wanted to recommend checking out our Community Deployment Wiki. You might also have better luck with folks responding if you have questions about deploying on specific platforms (seems like Azure and AWS are some of the more popular platforms).

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Hi @Caroline, thanks for the follow up, in the meantime I actually read through some of the wikis and google documentation (I’m more familiar with GCP than AWS or Azure) and was able to figure out basic hosting. I’ll mark your reply as the solution here so we can close this out


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