Deploying App

Hello, sorry for this question, it can seem stupid, but I can’t deploy my app. I created repository on GitHub

I have here all my files and I have no idea how should I connect it with my app. Still get message like
‘Could not find a remote repository hosted on GitHub. Are you sure you are on a branch that is tracking a remote GitHub branch?’
Could u explain me step by step how can I solve this problem? Thanks.

Ok i Solved it, now i have some errors like this:
File “/app/bobrza/”, line 14, in
bobrza_locations = pd.read_csv(location)
How can I set a path to file in github repository? Locally everything works

Also tried with different paths like location=open(“path”) etc…

Hi @Bordonous, welcome to the Streamlit community! It’s not stupid, everyone starts somewhere :slight_smile:

The important thing to realize about deploying an app somewhere other than the computer you developed it on is that it’s unlikely that the file paths will be the same. For example, if you use windows and pass a path like H:/folder/streamlit, it’s unlikely the next machine will have the H: drive mapped and to the same exact location you intend.

So in this case, this line and others like it will fail, both because it’s a different machine and Streamlit Cloud uses linux containers:

The way to handle this is to use a relative file reference. Here is an article that talks about file paths in Python and how to do various common operations:



Please how did you solve it ?

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Set up remote tracking upstream, if you are on master try this:-

git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/master master