Deploying streamlit app to AWS beanstalk using docker


I have a stareamlit app, that I would like to deploy to AWS beanstalk using docker. I am able o run the docker image successfully on using the command locally on my machine
docker run -p 80:8501 stapp:latest

But, when I try deploying it to AWS using elastic benstalk using the same dockerfile, the app open but it only shows connecting. Looks like its not able to connect. Can somebody help me in pointing out where i might be going wrong?

Here is my docker file,

FROM python:3.7-stretch

streamlit-specific commands


COPY . .

exposing default port for streamlit


copy over and install packages

COPY . .

RUN pip3 install -r requirements.txt

run app

CMD streamlit run server=“”

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Hi @Sharabh, thanks for your question! Did you configure Beanstalk for Websockets? This thread may help:


@Sharabh did you get it working?

I’m in the same situation.

I’ve tried the advice in the post @monchier linked to (which helped me getting it working via the public IP address at least), but nothing I do makes it work with beanstalk’s URL.

Some things I’ve tried:

  • configure the EC2 Security group for TCP (this is what got it working with the public IP address)
  • this nginx upgrade for reverse proxy:
  • change the load balancer protocol from HTTP to TCP (that’s with the “Classic Load Balancer”)
  • I also tried an “Application Load Balancer”

Presumably whatever wrong for me is related to what’s wrong in Working fine via public IP address, but problems with DNS. (Seems like just getting a DNS entry to work should be simpler than getting a load balancer to work, so I tried that but even had trouble there.)

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @Sharabh,

The first thing that I would do is trying to disable CORS, as the App is working but not connecting to the server could be related to that.

The config option that you have to set up is server.enableCORS

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