Deploying streamlit on Cpanel

I had an issue deploying my streamlit app on cpanel on my servers that’s why I considered deploying on ⁨⁩ servers.
Unfortunately my model processes data and requires atleast 16GB RAM to start.
I tried using streamlit.cli.main to run it as a python script but I wasn’t successful in making it work.
How can I go about this ? Deploying the application through cpanel.

Am using
streamlit == 0.70.0
spaCy == 2.3.5
With a swahili model I made

Hi @nyaribari

I’m not familiar with CPanel, and browsing its docs online didn’t help come up with a solution (as you probably already know!)

So first you’ll have to teach me about CPanel a little bit :smiley: . Have you ever deployed a Python app with CPanel? If so, what are the steps for that?

I also see that CPanel gives you access to a terminal. Could you just launch Streamlit there? (Apologies if this is a silly question… again, I don’t speak CPanel)

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