Deploying streamlit on Heroku and config.toml issue


I’m trying to deploy a streamlit app on heroku using the following

mkdir -p ~/.streamlit/

echo "\
email = \"\"\n\
" > ~/.streamlit/credentials.toml

echo "\
headless = true\n\
port = $PORT\n\
" > ~/.streamlit/config.toml

But when I run it by accessing its web address I get an error. Looking at the log file I found that the error comes from the config.toml file.

toml.decoder.TomlDecodeError: Found invalid character in key name: '['. Try quoting the key name. (line 1 column 2 char 1)

On my local system the application is running without any problem.
Any help would be really appreciated.

Hi @vnikoofard, welcome to the Streamlit community. Since this question is almost an exact copy of this one, I’m going to close this one