Deploy Streamlit to Heroku CLI Error H10

Hello! I would greatly love some help with deploying my streamlit app to heroku. I am currently getting error h10 - which I believe simply means the app crashed. After reading the logs it appears this was cause by β€œtoml.decoder.TomlDecodeError: Found invalid character in key name: β€˜[’. Try quoting the key name. (line 1 column 2 char 1)” which is followed by the lines:

Process exited with status 1

State changed from starting to crashed

I am not sure how to fix this or even really what the issue is. Any help would be great! I am using Mac OSX also.

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Hi @resentless, is this your same question on SO?

Silly question…

I remembered when I deploy at AWS we do not use

port = $PORT

is this Heroku specific requirement?

Yep! Changing my file worked. Thanks!

Honestly not sure I have never deployed any application before and followed an online tutorial. Also love the name :wink:

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