Deploying Streamlit on Heroku with Docker

Hello. I’m trying to deploy Streamlit on Heroku. I’m able to run the streamlit app locally on docker, but when I push/release and open it on Heroku, I get the error Error: Exec format error . I’ve tried it with CMD, Entrypoint and a combination of both, but the error still seems to persist. If it’s running locally on Docker, can I rule it that the issue is Streamlit or Docker specific? If you have been able to successfully get streaming running on Heroku via Docker, can you please share your Dockerfile.

I tried this (found on the forum) and I’m getting the same error:

Starting process with command **`sh -c streamlit\ run\ --server.port\ \$\{PORT\}\ --server.address\ \$\{HOST\}\ /app/`**

app[web.1]: Error: Exec format error
heroku[web.1]: Process exited with status 126

Thanks in advance!

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