Deploying streamlit on Sagemaker Studio Lab?

I would like to use Sagemaker Studio Lab ( as the development environment for streamit apps rather than running them locally. Note: this product is different than the full version of SageMaker.

In order for this to work, I need to be able to use “streamlit run” and then view the web page that is launched.

I found the instructions below that explain how to run streamlit with “–server.port 6006”. However, when I used this method, the web address listed by streamlit was not accessible.

Here is the article:

Has anyone successfully run streamlit apps from studio lab and been able to access the streamlit app?

This is working fine for me when I

  • run the hello example (streamlit hello)
  • access Streamlit via a URL like https://<unique identifier> (trailing slash matters)

Obviously it’s possible to specify different port or server address to bind to ( works fine) via standard Streamlit options.

Hope this helps.

As an aside, I’d love to get this working on GCP with Vertex Workbench, which also uses Jupyter Lab with jupyter-server-proxy. Unfortunately request processing on GCP appears to be doing something that leads to the dreaded “Unsupported state transition” error when the browser tries to establish a websocket connection to the Streamlit back end.