Deployment Error!streamlit_authenticator as stauth module not Found

While i am using my local web browser, the page is running fine. But while deployment in streamlit cloud ,the page is showing the following error (streamlit_authenticator as stauth ).

#My Code
import streamlit as st
import streamlit_authenticator as stauth
import streamlit.components.v1 as components

names = [‘Jiban jyoti Nayak’,‘Adil Zeya’]
usernames = [‘jiban’,‘Adil’]
passwords = [‘123’,‘456’]
hashed_passwords = stauth.hasher(passwords).generate()
authenticator = stauth.authenticate(names,usernames,hashed_passwords,
name, authentication_status = authenticator.login(‘Login’,‘main’)
print(name, authentication_status)
st.write(‘Welcome %s’ % (name))
if authentication_status:

elif authentication_status == False:
st.error(‘Username/password is incorrect’)
elif authentication_status == None:
st.warning(‘Please enter your username and password’)
if st.session_state[‘authentication_status’]:
st.write(‘Welcome %s’ % (st.session_state[‘name’]))
elif st.session_state[‘authentication_status’] == False:
st.error(‘Username/password is incorrect’)

Hey @jibanjyoti_Nayak

Welcome to the Streamlit community :tada::confetti_ball:

Did you include streamlit-authenticator in your requirements file?
If not, can you retry after including it?


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