Deployment error with Streamlit

This is my link to github GitHub - hanitkaur/Credit_worthy: Utilizing advanced algorithms to streamline and expedite small and medium-sized enterprise loan assessments, optimizing financial inclusivity and business growth.
I am unable to deploy as it gives error message as “Error installing requirements”

@hanit_kaur , try to redeploy again. I faced this issue in my app and after deploying again it is solved

Hi ,
I tried…but facing the same issue again

This is not allowed, remove it:

Also clean up all double entries.

@Franky1 But I have used visualizations how to do it then .
Could you guide me what should i write in requirements.txt. I need to deploy it.


You can usually google “python package for whatever” or even “pypi whatever” and find the correct name of the package. The package names in requirements.txt will not have any dots in them.

You can also test it locally by doing pip install -r requirements.txt, which should show you errors if you have some invalid package names.

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