Deployment of streamlit app on a remote server

Hi guys, first of all, happy new year to all of you.

I am trying to deploy a streamlit app to a remote server. Since I am new to streamlit, I wanted to ask how to do that? and also I have sent a request for streamlit sharing a week ago and didnt get any response yet. Can someone please invite me.

Thank you very much. Cheers

Hi @ghass002, welcome to the Streamlit community!

In terms of general deployment, we have Streamlit Deployment Guide (wiki) that aggregates some of the most common ways of deploying Streamlit, outside of using Streamlit sharing.

As far as when your invite for Sharing is coming, today is the first day back for many employees at Streamlit, so please be patient. You should get an invite the next few days.


I am using the google cloud platform , GCP for short.
It is super easy to run streamlit apps on compute engine vm instances.

My instance runs on ubuntu 20.04.
Using apt and pip it is easy to get everything to work.

It is important to open up ports with the fire wall rules.
I use vscode and can edit the remote files. Vscode forwards the ports to run on my browser locally on port 8501.

A free account gives you $300 credit.
You will also need to setup google cloud sdk on your machine.

I highly recommend doing it this way because it gives you complete control over the
remote environment.

Thank you guys for your replies. Actually, the company that I work at provided me with a strato server that I could access using putty. Since I am a beginner at deployment, wanted to ask to just gather some information on how to do that :slight_smile: