Has anyone deployed to Google Cloud Platform?

So far I haven’t had any success getting Streamlit to run an application in GCP. I can get Streamlit deployed to both AppEngine and CloudRun and started up. But in both environments even something as basic as “streamlit hello” displays a “Please wait…” message in an st.info() bar and then hangs on the internal connection to “healthz”, eventually failing with a 404 Error.
Github issue.

Any suggestions welcomed!




Hi @knorthover, I definitely got it going on GKE myself. I haven’t tried AppEngine or CloudRun, but I’d love to help. My guess is that there might be something boing on with Websocket. It seems to work just fine on GKE, but I am deploying directly with Kubernetes, so it might be a different networking setup. I really appreciate you filing the bug, so I will follow up from there. Also, thanks for uploading all your configuration and Dockerfile.


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Thanks Matteo.
For now I’ve deployed on an internal server box. My users are enthusiastic about the application (a dashboard for our call center).

I don’t know enough about tornado to know where the problem is occurring but it seems that Cloud Run and AppEngine (I believe they are basically the same stack) are taking over control of the websocket connections.

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