Deployment related question

I am a student making an app using streamlit for collecting and reporting student activities related eco -SDG projects in rural India for a non-profit organization. While streamlit is very easy to learn and make the pages seamlessly, I have a lot of data to work with, so have mysql db as well along with strealit pages. Now, for deployment, is there a cost free mode to deploy an app like this with mysql and streamlit which can be publicly accessible ? All cloud offerings like AWS have free tier only for a limited time and Streamlit cloud doesn’t show me options to install mysql. I can use my system or a system where the webserver is running for the org to deploy, so system is available, just unable to figure out how to make the app public. streamlit run deploys the app but its only local to the system.

Thanks in advance for the help !

This guide shows options to use mysql installed remotely. Can mysql be installed in the same place as the rest of the app on streamlit cloud ?

No, a database cannot be installed on streamlit cloud.