Developer menu options not showing up in cloud

I am having some issues with the developer options not showing up in the hamburger menus anymore. It looks like the issues is only for private apps/repos and not for public ones. I’m logging into both my github and also my streamlit cloud account, so I should be getting detected as the developer. Also for my public apps I actually see the developer options (see screenshot below) but for the private ones I don’t, even though I still see the “manage app” option in bottom right corner.

Hamburger menu in public app:

Hamburger menu in private app (you can see the manage app at bottom still shows up):

I tried reproducing the issue with one of my clients’ accounts, and similar thing is happening. They are logged into their github and streamlit dashboard, but in the app’s hamburger menu, none of the developer options like Clear Cache are showing up.

If anyone else is having this issue would be great to hear if you have any recommendations to fix it.

For now, I’ve added this to all the private apps (though not recommended, and developer options in hamburger menu would still be preferred):

if st.sidebar.button("Clear All Cache"):
    # Clear values from *all* memoized functions:
    # i.e. clear values from both square and cube

Looks like forcing a requirements of latest streamlit fixed the issue. Not sure why the menu was bugging out on older versions of streamlit for the cloud version.

I just added this to my requirements.txt and old menu shows up again with dev options:

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Thank you!

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