Development on Github Codespace

Currently in beta, Github codespaces provide a VM for development that can be launched directly from Github. Essentially this is VSCode in the browser, with tight integration to Github and VM on demand. I briefly experimented with developing a streamlit app in a Codespace in the repo below, and proved the concept. The promise is that there should be no more headaches setting up and managing a development environment, and the combo with Streamlit sharing means a person could develop, test and deploy a streamlit app without ever leaving their browser, which I think is pretty neat and should lower the barrier to entry. I didn’t yet have time to wrap all this up with a nice example app and thorough documentation, but am putting it out there in case this is of wider interest.


Hey, @robmarkcole this is a fantastic, however when I tried it by running streamlit hello it gave the network URL, but when I open it, It was not loading, any help please.

what should I do next or what am I missing?

Yes you need to forward the port, the UI makes this pretty straightforward:

Thanks, @robmarkcole got it.

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