Did anyone else's app's top padding reduction suddenly reset?

Checking on forums to see if anyone else is having this issue.

My app suddenly started adding padding at the top of the page, which is strange because I have markdown code that should remove this padding manually. The script I am using is executed in a markdown function, and has worked consistently for several months already:

    'viewer padding': """<style>.css-18e3th9 {
            padding-top: 0rem;
            padding-bottom: 0rem;
            padding-left: 3rem;
            padding-right: 3rem;

Struggling to understand why this may be happening since the issue seems to persist even when I revert to old commits of my code. I am wondering if there has been a streamlit update that changed CSS, or something on the streamlit end that could be causing this padding to re-appear.

Is that string still accurate to select your desired element? I find itโ€™s more reliable and stable to grab elements by the human-readable parameters and โ€œhopโ€ to an element through nth-of-type or sibling selections.

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Havenโ€™t figured out why the error occurred in the first place yet but was able to fix by referencing the readable parameters as opposed to CSS as suggested. Thanks!

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