Different text in the same text block

Is there a way to print different text within the same block over a loop after an interval?
This image below shows an example of what I am trying to convey. The brackets are just for reference.

Hi @Shawn_D_Souza -

Is your goal to keep re-using the same block? Meaning, in your example, just have one of those widgets, with the text constantly updating?

Yes! That is what I am aiming for.

You can do this using st.empty():


If you declare these empty objects outside of a loop, you can use the loop to continuously re-use the same object in place.

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That’s perfect! Works like a charm.
Here is the sample code for anyone else that might need it in the future:

import time
st.write("## Hello")
Starts at 0 since you don't see the first value
for i in range (0,4):