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Hello everyone. I am building a website and using Streamlit in one of the pages. My question is, for SEO purposes, I’d like to create an html link that takes the user directly to the Streamlit app page and show the user specific pre-selected items. For instance, a link to a Ford Explorer, would take to the Streamlit app page that has two select boxes, Make, Model and the select boxes to get selected with the respective options (Ford, Explorer). Is that even possible? Thanks for your help.

Hello @David_Smith, welcome to the community.

In streamlit-nightly, you can manipulate query params, so you can pass “Ford explorer” as a query param and build the checkboxes given the value of the param :wink: I think you can almost reuse the code from the link.

Let us know if you need a more specific code example!


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That is awesome @andfanilo. Let me try that

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Hi @andfanilo, do you know the chances of these features (query params) make to production? If chances are good, would that be for the next release? I appreciate your help.

You can read the difference between experimental and beta feature here

Next release should contain the query param feature as experimental. There’s a issue on porting it to the beta namespace which would secure its place in « production » eventually.

I’ll let you follow the issue :wink: